Dr. C K Sum(SUM Cheung Kang),  the TCM Practitioner in-
charge, being  attracted by the "holistic"  and "Integration
with the  Nature" concept,  started to study TCM in mid
70’s – a time when TCM was not known (not to mention  
"accepted") to most HK people.  He got a Diploma in  
Acupuncture from Peking Chinese Acupuncture Institute  
(HK) in 1977.  The more he studied, the more he got  
fascinated in TCM. He then pursued and completed  
another TCM course in 1981 in Ching Wah Chinese  
Medical Institute, which was one of the oldest institutes  
ran by several famous TCM experts in HK before local
universities offering similar courses in late 90s.

Dr. Sum got his registration (Chinese Medicine
Practitioner) in  2003.  H
e got TWO  MSc Degrees from
the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), one in
Acupuncture and the other one in Cardiology.
 He also
obtained a M. Med. (TCM) at the Southern Medical
University in China a
nd  a Doctor Degree of Medicine
(TCM - Gynecology)  at
Hunan University of Chinese
Medicine in China. His research interest mainly in
infertility and  using Chinese medicine / acupuncture to
increase the IVF success rate.
For this purpose, he is now
studying a  MSc Degree in Reproductive Medicine and
Clinical Embryology in  CUHK.

Regarding the experience of serving non-locals, Dr. Sum
had once  worked on a part-time basis as an associate in a
reputable TCM clinic  in Central serving mainly Expats.
The Practitioner
Health & Joy Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)